Warm Arctic

Warm Arctic specializes in topics ranging from geothermal reservoir engineering and numerical analysis, to resource assessment and wellfield development.

The Company

Grímur Björnsson is the owner and founder of Warm Arctic ehf, a limited liability consulting firm registered under Icelandic law that largely comply with EU regulations and standards. Providing consulting services since early 2015 on topics related to geothermal reservoir engineering, green field development, well and wellfield strategies, well prognosis and nominal design, resource assessment and development decision making, numerical modeling and consulting to top management of geothermal companies worldwide. Work includes projects in the Philippines, Indonesia, Iceland, Nicaragua, the Caribbean, East Africa, Central Europe and the USA with a cumulative pipeline potential of more than 2000 MW and 500 MW in operation. Many 3-D well by well numerical geothermal reservoir models for various developers and investors worldwide, mostly under the iTOUGH2 inverse platform and on large scale Linux parallel computing platforms. Various documents regarding field development strategies, and how geothermal reservoir parameters couple into business models.

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Grímur Björnsson

Former positions and accomplishments in the geoscience industry include

  • Over 30 years of experience in the various aspects of the geothermal industry
  • Senior reservoir physicist at the Geothermal Logging and Reservoir Physics Division at ISOR.
  • Tens of consultancy missions to El Salvador, Djibouti, Greece, Israel, Kenya, Nicaragua, Guatemala and the US regarding geophysical surveys, geothermal reservoir engineering studies, drilling strategy and reservoir management.
  • Special, onsite training in Berkeley, California, in the use and application of the TOUGH2 and iTOUGH2 geothermal reservoir simulators
  • Instructor at the United Nations Geothermal Training Program
  • Author and coauthor of over 500 reports, on the various aspects regarding research, modeling and management of many Icelandic and a few overseas geothermal systems.
  • Instructor on training courses on geothermal reservoir engineering and reservoir management,
  • Manager and head of geosciences at Reykjavik Geothermal
  • Member of an Iceland government appointed expert group defining sustainability and renewability of geothermal energy projects, through field work, numerical modelling, reporting and meetings.

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Services include but are not limited to

Full value chain reservoir expertise

Cold water hydrology up to supercritical geothermal reservoirs

Conceptual geothermal reservoir models

Well prognosis and nominal design

Resource assessment

3D numerical reservoir models

Wellbore models

Due dilligence services